NFT Marketplace

ETNA Network's Multichain NFT marketplace 1.0 for game assets is live. The key features of the NFT Marketplace are as follows following features:
  • The NFT marketplace uses an NFT value Lock-in mechanism, this gives each NFT an intrinsic value and allows buying and selling of NFTs on the spot to be possible.
  • Category Void NFTs uses a price bonding curve mechanism, this makes these NFTs more valuable with increase in demand.
  • With the NFT Marketplace upgraded, category The Cronos will be integrated, these are cheaper NFTs that can also be used in the play to earn games.
  • In version 2, NFT Factory equipped with the tools to enable users mint artworks and collectibles into NFTs will be deployed.
  • P2P Marketplace where users can deploy custom NFT mini-kiosk. Users can list their NFTsfor sale or for auction will be deployed in version 2.
The NFT marketplace can be accessed at

NFT Marketplace V1.0

With this version, users can purchase (mint) The Void NFT category, these NFTs can currently be used in the deployed play-to-earn game, simulation mode.

Version 1.0 Upgrade:

In coming weeks, there will be an upgrade to the NFT marketplace. The upgrade will essentially include the deployment of the sales mechanics for The Cronos category NFTs and the integration of these category of NFTs.
Please go to the NFT subsection for more details on the two categories of NFTs that will be available on the NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace V2.0

With the NFT marketplace version 2 deployed, two additional features will be added, these are:

NFT Factory:

The NFT Marketplace will be equipped with the tools to enable users mint artworks and collectibles into NFTs

P2P Marketplace:

Where users can deploy custom NFT mini-kiosk and list their NFTs for sale or for auction.
The NFT marketplace V 2.0 is built to be user-friendly and will support quality NFTs. Users will also be able to set parameters such as currency to be used for the sale, rarity level and many more.