DeBank 2.0 TestNet

DeBank TestNet is now live and it is open to the general public. Though DeBank 2.0 will be on BSC and Polygon when deployed to mainnet, the test is only on BSC.

Join DeBank TestNet Telegram Group

This is not a required step but a helpful one. By joining the group, you would be able to ask others and the admins questions. You will also have access to vital information about the test and any updates made will be announced. In addition, you will have access to information on how to report bugs found.
Join the DeBank TestNet Telegram Group at:

Setup and Preliminary Steps

To participate, here are the required steps and setups:

Add BSC TestNet to Metamask

Since the test is on BSC TestNet, participants need to add the test network to their metamask. The parameters for the testnet are:
Network Name: Smart Chain - Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
The full instruction for adding BSC testnet can be found at:

Get TestNet BNB (Faucet)

Get some Test BNB tokens at
It is easy to use, you just need to paste your wallet address in there and click on "give me BNB". You will be able to get 1 BNB immediately the request is made and then at every 24hrs interval.

Get TestNet ETNA

To get some testnet ETNA tokens, you would need to fill the following form:
Addresses submitted will be funded with test tokens within 24hrs and it should be noted that the number of addresses that will be funded with test (not real) ETNA tokens are limited.
DeBank is Etna Network's lending and borrowing application. It allows users to take out over collateralized loans, it is the first lending and borrowing application to enable NFT based loans. DeBank 2.0 is an upgrade to the previous version, it comes with a number of new features and a new design. DeBank 2.0 tabs are as follows:


An informational tab, shows vital information on DeBank such as the total amounts deposited, the total amount borrowed, the number of users, the interest rates and many more.


Users can lend their stable coins/tokens to debank and earn great APR on it. users who wishes to lend to DeBank can do this on the Lend tab. Users can also withdraw their earnings or compound them in the lend dashboard.

My Loans

My loans tab gives access to users who want to take out loans. In the "My Loans" tab, the user can deposit acceptable collaterals. After which the user will be able to take out loans in any of the supported stable coins.

Access to DeBank 2.0

DeBank 2.0 can be accessed at:

Test Token Smart Contracts:

ETNA: 0x2D55E8637851D9106993439Eb9c8C6dB37525f2F
BSUD: 0x37ce40B509b65176e4cda0b9936863177B1c020C
USDT: 0xa6437182423E8f24e6B69DE6e7e8B12397e6457a

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos will be published shortly.
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