NFT - The Void

The void is a class of NFT game assets that are integrated into the gaming world within the ETNA Network's ecosystem. The Void are the generation zero NFTs hence they are very limited and have so many use cases. This class of NFTs can be traded on the spot within the ETNA Network's NFT marketplace. With their rarity level at the highest possible values, the price of each "The Void" NFT asset is bonded on a price-demand curve. By this, the prices of these assets increases by an exponential factor as demand increases. This means that when these assets are bought, the price increases and when they are sold, the prices decreases as well.
NFT - The Void

The Void Use Cases

Here, we would highlight some of the numerous use cases of The Void NFT game assets:
  • The Void NFT game assets can be used by players in ETNA's play-to-earn games and the soon to be revealed EtnaVerse - A Metaverse City of Lost Treasures.
  • The Void NFTs can be staked by owners to earn staking rewards just as with staking tangible tokens. ETNA's novel staking feature "The Vault" allows users to stake multiple NFTs in a very user-friendly way.
  • In a way that has never been done before, ETNA's The Void NFTs can be used a collateral for loans. This is the first time and and ETNA is the first project where this has been achieved. ETNA's lending and borrowing platform allows owners of The Void NFTs to use them as collateral for loans. This is a non-P2P lending and borrowing feature. Based on our NFT value-metrics mechanics, the collateral value of these NFTs are estimated automatically and the owner can instantly access loans.

The Void Value Proposition

Multi Use Case - Unlike many play-to-earn projects out there, even the very popular ones, in which their NFT game assets can only be used to "play-to-earn", ETNA's The Void NFTs can be used for so much more. As mentioned in the use cases, The Void can be staked in order to earn staking rewards and can also be used as collaterals for instant loans.
Spot Trading and Price Bonded Curve - Not to forget that all The Void NFT game assets can be traded on the spot and with their rarity level, users can simply hold for the asset's value to appreciate since the price of each of them is bonded on a price-demand cure, hence the price increases with demand.
Royalty Earnings - The most important value proposition that The Void NFTs have is the fact that holders earn royalties for simply holding these NFTs. With the updated game mechanics adopted by ETNA Network, when people play the games, the royalty vault earn stable tokens. The more the players, the more the stable tokens earned. These earnings are paid to holders of The Volt NFTs as royalties even if the NFTs are staked.